Is a service contract the right choice for you?

Risk accompanies any major purchase. Think about real estate, stocks and bonds, or a new business start-up. Your car, truck, or sport utility is no exception. Although your vehicle has been built to the highest standards, mechanical breakdowns can still happen. As with virtually everything else, repair costs rise every year. Fortunately, so does the value of a service contract. While the surprise of an unexpected repair is never enjoyable, a service contract can soften the impact to your bank account by only requiring you to pay a small deductible for every covered visit. A broken vehicle doesn't have to mean a broken budget. Service contracts can also add to the resale value as they can be transferred to the next owner. Because of this, you could actually recover some of associated costs after enjoying the benefits. Your service contract will be honored at dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada so you’re covered no matter where your travels take you.